All About Stun Guns

Many ways exist for people to protect themselves when the need arises. One good way for self-defense is by using a stun gun.

Nevertheless, many restrictions also exist which are determined by the state you live in. The purpose of these restrictions is due to a stun gun being considered a dangerous weapon. With laws varying by state and local laws, there also may be license or permit requirements. The main reason being the weapons ability to cause harm, which means the state is responsible for having regulations in place and hos the regulations get enforced.

Nearly every state has defined a stun gun as being a tool used to discharge electrical shocks in order to incapacitate a person.

Legality of Stun Guns

Stun guns are not legal in all 50 states. The only states that have not legalized stun guns are Rhode Island and Hawaii. If you are not sure about the legality of stun guns in your state, then you need to check with your local government so that you have a clear definition of whether a stun gun in considered dangerous and if it is a defensive type of weapon, which is not known to cause serious harm or death.

Is A Stun Gun Permit Needed

Most states do not require a permit for a person to carry a stun gun. The only states that require a holder to have a stun gun permit include Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana.

Stun Guns and Minors

No state law exists where it is legal for a minor to be in possession of a stun gun. It is illegal to provide a stun gun to a minor in any circumstance if they are below 18 years old. This also includes a cell phone stun gun – the same rules apply.

Stun Gun Use in a School

Many states have also made stun gun use in schools and hospitals illegal, due to their dangerous nature. In fact, it is considered a criminal act if a person enters a school carrying a stun gun within most states. For Michigan, the state law governing stun guns has them forbidden within many others establishments besides a school, such as sports venues, churches, dormitories, bars, or stadiums. You may come across many similar laws within different states.

Stun Gun Law and Police Officers

Most states permit a police officer to carry a nonlethal stun gun. To be able to, the law enforcement officer needs to receive the proper training and be certified. This way the officer will know how to use it and when it should be used in place of their firearm.

For example, police officers in Georgia must go through a rigorous training session in order for them to be allowed to carry a stun gun. They need to be certified on its use and follow the law governing its use.

Are Stun Guns Legal To Carry

Many states consider a stun gun as being the same as a regular gun, but classified under special laws. There are many laws concerning the ownership of stun guns and the fact of a person walking around with one.

Each state has laws written concerning a stun guns legality, or keeping one in a vehicle, which each state regulates. Most states permit a civilian to be in possession of stun guns in the case of self defense. It is a good idea to check your area if you will need to be permitted for a stun gun´s use.

For travelling purposes, carrying a stun gun will be determined by the location you go to or how you plan to travel.

A good example of this involves traveling within a state of residence. You will be permitted to take your stun gun with you as well as keeping it in a hotel if you stop for a night to sleep, as a hotel is considered as a temporary home while you are away from your home.

If you plan to fly, a stun gun is permitted by TSA as long as it is within a checked baggage and not a carry-on. For state-to-state travel, you may need to have a permit prior to entering the state. Make sure to check ahead of time so you can obtain any necessary permit prior to your travels.

Summing It All Up

Generally, a state will be forgiving towards individuals who are wishing to carry a stun gun or own one for that matter. You will love the fact that almost every state has legalized their use as long as they are used for self defense. Some conditions may exist where their use is prohibited, such as using them away from your home or having one aimed towards law enforcement. It is also good to know that a stun gun´s use is only for specific purposes and if not used properly, then there could be legal repercussions to deal with.