Testing For STDs At Home

All sexually active people have to have solid strategies for protecting themselves. These should include the diligent use of protective barriers such as dental dams and condoms, as well as routine STD testing. When used together, these two methods create the most foolproof strategy available, apart from actual abstinence. Best of all, by taking advantage of innovative services and resources, it is now possible to test for STDs at home. With full-service testing kits, people can easily and affordably screen themselves for a vast range of sexually transmitted ailments. Following are five, clear benefits that these amazing systems provide.

Get Fast And Accurate Results

Among the greatest benefits of choosing to test for STDs at home are the overall convenience and accuracy of these testing solutions. When you use an at-home testing kit, all of the required materials for safely and efficiently collecting your sample will be delivered right to your door. Then, you can collect any urine, saliva or another sample that’s required and can ship this off to a top-rated lab in the included, return packaging. There’s never any need to leave your home. Moreover, the labs and testing materials that are used for these purposes are capable of delivering results with the same amount of accuracy that you’ll get when working with a local clinic.

Maintain Your Anonymity

Both the fact that you’ve chosen to take an STD test and the actual results of this test will be kept entirely private. Although all medical facilities have a strict set of privacy laws that they must adhere to, there is always the fear of running into someone you know when taking an STD test, whether this person is an actual employee of the clinic or someone you happen to bump into while sitting in the waiting room. With these systems, even your mailman won’t know what you’re up to. The entire process is designed to be comfortable and discreet.

Test Frequently

Because testing is affordable and easy, people who test for STDs at home have a better opportunity to monitor and regulate their reproductive health. Every sexual encounter places a person at risk of being exposed to an STD and thus, active adults are advised to test at least every six months. People who routinely engage in high-risk sexual activities and behaviors, however, should test at least every three. By opting to test for STDs at home, you can avoid having to take time away from work to spend time in a medical office. Access to home testing kits makes people more likely to take a proactive and responsible approach to protecting their health.

Avoid An Embarrassing Barrage Of Highly Personal Questions

When you visit a clinic for STD testing, you’re often required to take a comprehensive questionnaire concerning your recent and past sexual activities. This interview process is intended to help your doctor choose the lab work and lifestyle recommendations that are best for you. In most instances, however, this level of questions is felt both embarrassing and highly unnecessary. With home-based tests, you don’t have to divulge any information that you want to. This is merely short, seamless and incredibly straightforward process that allows you to get the answers you need within the most minimal amount of time. For those who dread going to the doctor for a reproductive health visit, home tests are a welcome relief.

Get Post-Testing Support

Those who test for STDs at home have a very broad range of home testing products and services to choose from. Moreover, there are many different types of sexually transmitted diseases that these kits can screen for. Some test chlamydia and gonorrhea, while others test for syphilis and even AIDs and HIV. There are even different levels of support that people can receive.

For tests that might have a serious impact on a person’s mental and emotional well-being, testing companies often have trained counselors and physicians standing by. These professionals can help people emotionally adjust to positive test results and can even offer guidance for establishing treatment plans. Other home testing kits are provided by companies that are aligned with top-rated doctors. With these solutions, online MDs can write any necessary prescriptions for treatment so that product users never have to go to a traditional hospital at all.