Let’s Visit the Op-Sack-Lunch Site for Healthy Diet Tips

Hello, and welcome to the Op-Sack-Lunch website, where you can now find tips for YOUR healthy diet! For just one example, a lot of people think that “all calories are equal” – that is, a calorie is just that – a calorie, whether it comes from soda, pizza, or a tomato or piece of grilled fish.

Now, to some degree, as a unit of measure this may be true, but do you HONESTLY believe that if you eat only 1,000 calories every day, and each day those 1,000 calories consist of a fast food burger and fries that you are going to be as healthy as if those calories consisted of a lean protein and fresh veggie?

Hopefully you understand that the quality of calories is just as important as the quantity. The same goes for “light” and “fat-free” foods. Folks, it is time to become more aware of the importance of the quality of the food you are consuming. And, that is one of the things we aim to be talking about at this blog. Hope you come back soon!